Gritty City, Taylor T-Sides photo

After unsuccessfully trying to get a few articles posted on established publishing sites, I decided to branch out. I typically re-post my blogs on, which I like because most of their viewership actually read my posts and comment. I love the comments. It helps me as a writer. I also get to reach a wider audience. My sci-fi pieces found a home within their sci-fi collection. Foodies gave me mad twitter love on the Mother’s Jones Kitchen Diversity piece. Artists appreciated the Basquiat hip hop article. Recently, tweeted my piece 8 Tips for a Successful Career. It was a good day.

There was a piece that I wanted to get a nationwide audience. I wrote the article over a month ago and had been shopping it around. However, no one expressed an interest. After having Upstart retweet my article, I decided to give a try. I wrote a long piece titled, Living in NYC – Institutionalized Deprivation. It is a candid review of the city recently voted the most unhappiest in the US.

My goal is to inspire people to read and hope they enjoy what I have to say. Please take the time to read it. It is long, but well worth it.

I appreciate your readership and welcome your comments.

Before New Yorkers start labeling me a “NYC Hater,” take a moment to check out this post too.