Charles Krupa/AP Photo

I am watching MoNe Davis and I am in awe! I have not been this excited since Gabby Douglas won gold in London 2012. A shut out in her first game of the Little League World Series. Ms. Davis is an inspiration not only to young girls her age, but also to me as a woman. I wished could have seen a MoNe Davis on television growing up.

This beautiful young lady is holding her own in a male dominated sport and looking graceful while doing it. More than being a “black girl that rocks,” Ms. Davis is a girl that is inspiring girls of all races. Her poise and humility does not detract from her beastly dominance on the mound.

This girl has me on a high. I am feeling almost like I did the first time the Chicago Bulls won a NBA championship.

Rock on Ms. Davis! Continue to breathe fire from the mound.