I am a cynic, skeptic, romantic, and realist. I identify with cultural differential feminists, conservative at times, libertarian wannabe, and more liberal than I admit. I am no party loyalist. I stand for truth, justice and those not spoken for. Come let us reason together. I am an amalgamation of many influences, ethnicities and cultures. However, my foundation is built on a triad: my granny, my mom and my father. My granny’s southern wisdom and mother-wit, my mom’s naïveté in always believing the good in people, and my father’s stubbornness and ambition are the makings of me. My ambition, drive, and skepticism come from my father, who always told me to try and question everything. My mother’s influence is the still soft voice that encourages me to balance the cynicism with kindness.

In 2011, I moved to NYC to pursue a dream deferred – becoming a writer and published author. I started Ronda-isms: Good Bad & Ugly to chronicle my transition to NYC and further refine my writing skills.  Ronda-isms™ is me laid bare for you – imperfections, inspirations, sarcasm, wit, and everything in between. My goal is to inspire laughter, tears, strength, and encouragement – preferably all in one post. In 2014, I became a contributing writer for the Huffington Post in August, 2014. Several articles have been “Featured Posts” on the front page,  in Politics, Style, Education, Business, Arts & Culture, Black Voices. I continue to work as an attorney, a career which has given me the opportunity to work with such legal greats as Johnnie Cochran and Willie Gary.

NYC introduced me to my inner entrepreneur. I am working on a business plan for a methodology to help first-generation college students thrive, survive, and graduate – Matrix Navigation™. I am launching Auntie Ronda’s Snack Mix™. I hope to publish my books and turn them into a one-woman show on Broadway. I want to scratch my initials in the city’s DNA and knock down the door of opportunity. For anyone that ever chased a dream or is wondering whether to pursue dreams deferred, this is dedicated to your journey.

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