Failure is an option and it's okay, just keep trying.


Rondaisms - Ronda Lee - Jeta B Photography

“I’m a super girl and I’m here to save the world, but I wanna know who’s gonna save me?” Nobody. I finally took a major step and decided that my health and well-being would come first. Shonda Rhimes had her Year of Yes. This is my year of no. No to being everything to everyone […]


I’ve seen the future of food and it includes drones! Wednesday night I attended the Taste of Innovation for a look into the future of food and what a feast! My latest article on Huffington Post discusses the next food frontiers.

Inauguration 2013, Obama

I love that millennials are becoming activists as seen in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements. However, I am disturbed that for all the activism, some still did not vote. “My vote doesn’t matter” is oft repeated. If you want the government to change laws regarding student loans or move […]

Raub Welch, Afro-Gatsby

As a child, I longed for the elegance of the Harlem Renaissance that celebrated black excellence in academia, arts, music, and innovation. Chicago painter and interior designer, Raub Welch, is recreating vintage black glamour with a modern touch. Read more in my latest Huffington Post article.


As Dan Miller, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards, pointed out, “Our mature workforce or gray hairs have a lot of ideas…it’s just a matter of nailing down the technology. We are reinventing retirement.”My latest HuffPost article focuses on the “unretirement” of seasoned innovators. Read more at:  


The Chicago Innovation Awards celebrated 15 years showcasing startups and the entrepreneurs based in Chicago making it one of the hottest startup scenes, second only to New York.  Tuesday night 25 Chicago companies and 3 neighborhood organizations leading in innovation were honored. For more, read my latest article on Huffington Post, a featured post on […]


Painter Norman Lewis said, “The goal of the artist must be aesthetic development, and in a universal sense, to make in his own way some contribution to culture.” Perhaps Nina Simone was paraphrasing him when she said, “It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times.” Migrants and refugees are dying on European shores and […]