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  • Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Racism

    According to Paul Lewis, “Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie says the company tried to replicate Kosinski’s work for ‘psychological warfare’.” On July 14, 2017, Russian leaders flew Michal Kosinski to Moscow to meet “Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, and several members of his cabinet.”  Kosinski presented them his “groundbreaking research into technology, mass persuasion and artificial intelligence (AI) – research that… Continue reading "Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Racism"

  • European Monarchs with African Heritage

    As the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Harry to American Meghan Markle approaches, it seems the whole world is fascinated. Meghan Markle’s biracial heritage, particularly having an African-American mother, Doria Radlan, has been the focus of many. However, is it surprising that one of Princess Diana’s sons is marrying a biracial woman? Princess Diana became the “people’s princess” because… Continue reading "European Monarchs with African Heritage"

  • Grace Jones TIFF Documentary

    While at the Toronto International Film Festival, I had a chance to catch the screening of Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami. For the life of me I can’t understand why she wasn’t in the Wonder Woman movie. I am hoping that Marvel’s Black Panther gives her a cameo. She is virtually synonymous with strong, independent, warrior woman. Grace is the original #blackgirlmagic and #melaninpoppin. My latest… Continue reading "Grace Jones TIFF Documentary"

  • André Leon Talley St Louis Art Museum Talk

    Fashion icon and living legend, André Leon Talley, gave me the honor of an interview. His fashion knowledge is established. However, what impressed me most is that he is an intellectual exuding southern hospitality. Mr. Talley is an elocution tactician. The rhythm of his words fascinated me – “beautiful elongated attenuated fingers” – his description of Oscar de la Renta adjusting a… Continue reading "André Leon Talley St Louis Art Museum Talk"

  • Afro-Gatsby

    As a child, I longed for the elegance of the Harlem Renaissance that celebrated black excellence in academia, arts, music, and innovation. Chicago painter and interior designer, Raub Welch, is recreating vintage black glamour with a modern touch. Read more in my latest Huffington Post article.

  • Jeta B: #BeInTheirShoes

    2018 Update: The US government under the Trump administration is creating its own “Calais Jungle” separating immigrant children from parents at the border. Painter Norman Lewis said, “The goal of the artist must be aesthetic development, and in a universal sense, to make in his own way some contribution to culture.” Perhaps Nina Simone was paraphrasing him when she said,… Continue reading "Jeta B: #BeInTheirShoes"

  • Norman Lewis’ Police Beating

    PROCESSION: The Art of Norman Lewis, is showcasing at the Chicago Cultural Center. The late Norman Lewis was a Harlem resident and part of the Harlem Renaissance culture. Some of his earlier works remind me of Jacob Lawrence, his contemporary. Yet, it was Norman Lewis’ shift to abstract art that gave him critical acclaim. As I entered the gallery, one… Continue reading "Norman Lewis’ Police Beating"

  • Black Art: Debra Cartwright & Raub Welch

    We live in a crazy world. I try to find peace and beauty around me. The artwork of painters Debra Cartwright and Raub Welch inspire me. I interviewed them to talk about black art, its significance, and why it is worth the investment. Read more at:

  • Syncopated Ladies – Tap Dance Revival

    After seeing Maurice Hines’ Tappin’ Thru Life, I wondered what happened to all the black tap dancing hoofers. We know of the legendary Nicholas and Hines brothers. Was tap dancing a lost art form within the black community? Enter Chloe Arnold, founder of Syncopated Ladies. Syncopated Ladies are the beautiful and talented ladies that you know from their Beyoncé’s Formation tribute.… Continue reading "Syncopated Ladies – Tap Dance Revival"

  • Beyonce Superbowl Tribute

    A bit of background: It’s Black History Month and Beyoncé paid homage to the Black Panthers. During the 1960s, the Panthers provided food and other social services to black communities who were denied those services by government agencies. Enough about that on to Beyoncé.   For non-blacks, I’m about to let you in on some “family” secrets. As southern folk say, I’m about… Continue reading "Beyonce Superbowl Tribute"