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  • Powered for Endurance Part 2 featuring Marchello Lee

    Dreams - Rondaisms

    Part 2 of my endurance series for Mr. Refined Magazine is published. It features an interview with actor, Marchello Lee, from the recently released film Dreams.   Marchello’s journey shows that dreaming is only the first step. Patience and endurance are essential to make dreams a reality.   For his inspiring story, click the link below:

  • Shoes and the City

    Jeta B

    “Rejoice with those who rejoice.”   I have been very fortunate in that wherever I have lived, I have met a few people that become part of the fabric of my life. They are wonderful people who add joy, substance, and round out my character. They have mourned with me in hard times, encouraged me in rough times, and cheered… Continue reading "Shoes and the City"

  • Support ONE EYE Photo Exhibit

    Jeta B Photography

    “Photographed in dissimilar settings, these photos evoke similitude. Look deeply into their eyes. The potential. The confidence. The fragility.” – Jeta B The Goal Broader awareness of I Challenge Myself from simply teens riding bikes, to the long term benefits of healthy teens, academically stronger, and confident. Partnering with Mt. Sinai’s Pediatric Endocrinology Diabetes Center further highlights the youth obesity… Continue reading "Support ONE EYE Photo Exhibit"