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  • No More Superwoman

    Rondaisms - Ronda Lee - Jeta B Photography

    “I’m a super girl and I’m here to save the world, but I wanna know who’s gonna save me?” Nobody. I finally took a major step and decided that my health and well-being would come first. Shonda Rhimes had her Year of Yes. This is my year of no. No to being everything to everyone but me. No to being… Continue reading "No More Superwoman"

  • Forward Motion During Times of Uncertainty

    The times are changing and technology is moving use further in the future. In order to stay relevant and marketable, we must be able to adapt with technological advancements. “Each wave of [technological] disruption has created a lot of new jobs. I am worried about the mismatch. I think we need new ways to educate people for these new jobs… Continue reading "Forward Motion During Times of Uncertainty"

  • Ageless Innovators: Retirement Reinvented

    As Dan Miller, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards, pointed out, “Our mature workforce or gray hairs have a lot of ideas…it’s just a matter of nailing down the technology. We are reinventing retirement.”My latest HuffPost article focuses on the “unretirement” of seasoned innovators. Read more at:  

  • Chicago: Spotlight Innovation

    The Chicago Innovation Awards celebrated 15 years showcasing startups and the entrepreneurs based in Chicago making it one of the hottest startup scenes, second only to New York.  Tuesday night 25 Chicago companies and 3 neighborhood organizations leading in innovation were honored. For more, read my latest article on Huffington Post, a featured post on HuffPost Entrepreneurship.

  • Norman Lewis’ Police Beating

    PROCESSION: The Art of Norman Lewis, is showcasing at the Chicago Cultural Center. The late Norman Lewis was a Harlem resident and part of the Harlem Renaissance culture. Some of his earlier works remind me of Jacob Lawrence, his contemporary. Yet, it was Norman Lewis’ shift to abstract art that gave him critical acclaim. As I entered the gallery, one… Continue reading "Norman Lewis’ Police Beating"

  • Tips for Girls’ Success in STEM

    Hidden Figures is a book by Margot Lee Shetterly turned into a movie based on the story of black women working at NASA in the 1950s space race between the US and the former Soviet Union (USSR). Representation matters! As a young girl, I remember that my pediatrician, a West Indian woman, encouraged my mom to put us in science programs. She… Continue reading "Tips for Girls’ Success in STEM"

  • Wedding Elegance: Regine Danielle Events

    For the ultimate in elegance and luxury, a wedding planner can be a fairy godmother for the bride-to-be. Regina Brooks, founder of Regine Danielle Events, has taken the wedding industry by storm.  I interviewed Regina to discover the secrets to her success. Read more at:

  • Christian Apathy: All Lives Matter

    In his Treatise on Christian Liberty, Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation, stated “ignorance and suppression of liberty very many blind pastors take pains to encourage.” I grew up fundamentalist, evangelical, Pentecostal. I memorized and studied the Bible and could quote passage and verse of many books. It was ingrained that we should study the Word. Most of the… Continue reading "Christian Apathy: All Lives Matter"

  • Fertility

    Women, especially black women, are waiting later in life to get married and have children. Unfortunately, infertility in black women has been almost taboo. I spoke with Dr. Dawne Collier, an OB-GYN in Chicago, about steps women need to take early if they are not sure whether they want kids. Read more

  • Syncopated Ladies – Tap Dance Revival

    After seeing Maurice Hines’ Tappin’ Thru Life, I wondered what happened to all the black tap dancing hoofers. We know of the legendary Nicholas and Hines brothers. Was tap dancing a lost art form within the black community? Enter Chloe Arnold, founder of Syncopated Ladies. Syncopated Ladies are the beautiful and talented ladies that you know from their Beyoncé’s Formation tribute.… Continue reading "Syncopated Ladies – Tap Dance Revival"