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  • Mother’s Day Playlist

    Mother’s Day was second only to Christmas in my household. My maternal grandmother was orphaned as a child, so Mother’s Day was like a mini family reunion. Birthday parties were only cousins because after they showed up who had room to invite friends. I recall that on any given day during summer break, if my mom or another aunt was… Continue reading "Mother’s Day Playlist"

  • Rise of the Modern Southern Black Belle

    My father and grandparents were southern raised. I am a Midwest Chicago girl with southern undertones. Southern hospitality was a cornerstone of my upbringing. Whenever we had relatives from the south visit or we would go south, I was reminded to mind my manners. Southern etiquette reminded me of how blacks survived slavery. Adherence to etiquette and civility were paramount.… Continue reading "Rise of the Modern Southern Black Belle"

  • Black History: Reclaiming Sisterhood

    For Black History Month, inspired by the Honorable Maxine Waters’ “reclaiming my time,” I want to change the narrative. I am tired of the media and television images portraying black women as ratchet thots that tear down one another. If we are not mammies or slaves, then we must be vixens, crackheads, prostitutes, or a white girl’s sassy best friend.… Continue reading "Black History: Reclaiming Sisterhood"

  • Grace Jones TIFF Documentary

    While at the Toronto International Film Festival, I had a chance to catch the screening of Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami. For the life of me I can’t understand why she wasn’t in the Wonder Woman movie. I am hoping that Marvel’s Black Panther gives her a cameo. She is virtually synonymous with strong, independent, warrior woman. Grace is the original #blackgirlmagic and #melaninpoppin. My latest… Continue reading "Grace Jones TIFF Documentary"

  • Ladies Behind Hip Hop Labels

    The stories about the rise of hip hop record labels focus heavily on men. Little is said about the women in the game, moving, shaking, trailblazing and mentoring. Too often women of color are reduced to caricatures – the ratchetness of reality TV. The notion of sisterhood and Latifah style U-N-I-T-Y is overlooked or dismissed. Despite attempts to reduce women… Continue reading "Ladies Behind Hip Hop Labels"

  • Statues, Symbolism: Anarcha Lucy Betsy

    Do you know the story of Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsy? They are the predecessors of Henrietta Lacks but with a more morbid history – black female slaves operated on by white doctors without anesthesia and consent – a gift to science from their slave masters. The statue in east Harlem honors the doctor that did the experimentation, Dr. J. Marion Sims. The… Continue reading "Statues, Symbolism: Anarcha Lucy Betsy"

  • No More Superwoman

    Rondaisms - Ronda Lee - Jeta B Photography

    “I’m a super girl and I’m here to save the world, but I wanna know who’s gonna save me?” Nobody. I finally took a major step and decided that my health and well-being would come first. Shonda Rhimes had her Year of Yes. This is my year of no. No to being everything to everyone but me. No to being… Continue reading "No More Superwoman"

  • Tips for Girls’ Success in STEM

    Hidden Figures is a book by Margot Lee Shetterly turned into a movie based on the story of black women working at NASA in the 1950s space race between the US and the former Soviet Union (USSR). Representation matters! As a young girl, I remember that my pediatrician, a West Indian woman, encouraged my mom to put us in science programs. She… Continue reading "Tips for Girls’ Success in STEM"

  • Wedding Elegance: Regine Danielle Events

    For the ultimate in elegance and luxury, a wedding planner can be a fairy godmother for the bride-to-be. Regina Brooks, founder of Regine Danielle Events, has taken the wedding industry by storm.  I interviewed Regina to discover the secrets to her success. Read more at:

  • Fertility

    Women, especially black women, are waiting later in life to get married and have children. Unfortunately, infertility in black women has been almost taboo. I spoke with Dr. Dawne Collier, an OB-GYN in Chicago, about steps women need to take early if they are not sure whether they want kids. Read more

  • Syncopated Ladies – Tap Dance Revival

    After seeing Maurice Hines’ Tappin’ Thru Life, I wondered what happened to all the black tap dancing hoofers. We know of the legendary Nicholas and Hines brothers. Was tap dancing a lost art form within the black community? Enter Chloe Arnold, founder of Syncopated Ladies. Syncopated Ladies are the beautiful and talented ladies that you know from their Beyoncé’s Formation tribute.… Continue reading "Syncopated Ladies – Tap Dance Revival"