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11th Jul 2014


The Reluctant Entrepreneur

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” My journey seems to always veer towards the road less travel, which to my dismay is fraught with many...



24th Jun 2014


Rest Stops Along the Way

No journey is without difficulty. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” There are two recurring themes that I have learned from my journey trying to...



11th Jun 2014


Hope – Rebirth of Dream Chasing

A few weeks ago, I wrote Like a Pigeon Stuck in an Air Shaft. In that post, I mentioned feeling like the pigeon stuck in my apartment building’s internal shaft – going a...

Rondaisms - Ronda Lee - Jeta B Photography


28th May 2014


Three Years Living and Learning NYC

A rolling stone gathers no moss. I guess that has been my motto since graduating college. My journey to NYC is as important as what has happened since my arrival....

Florida flower


08th May 2014


The Blog is Coming

We are re-branding the website. The blog posts will move here. As always, I am honored and humbled by your readership. Writing is such a personal and intimate process. It...



24th Apr 2014


Like a Pigeon Stuck in an Air Shaft – When Dream Chasing Stalls

Early Saturday morning, before sunrise, I woke up and went to the bathroom. I did not bother turning on the light. All of a sudden, I hear the fluttering of...

Mekka Don - Rondaisms


03rd Mar 2014


Powered for Endurance Part 3 featuring Mekka Don

The last article in the Powered for Endurance series is published with Mr. Refined magazine. Part 3 features the journey of Mekka Don from attorney to rapper-entrepreneur. Mekka’s creativity, commitment...

Dreams - Rondaisms


24th Feb 2014


Powered for Endurance Part 2 featuring Marchello Lee

Part 2 of my endurance series for Mr. Refined Magazine is published. It features an interview with actor, Marchello Lee, from the recently released film Dreams.   Marchello’s journey shows...

Daphne Cheng - Rondaisms


09th Feb 2014


From Disorder to Enlightenment – Developing a Healthy Love Affair with Food

Featuring: Daphne Cheng, Chef/Vegetable Connoisseur Food Entrepreneur of Suite ThreeOhSix I recall my sophomore year in high school. My gym and health teacher was an Iron Man participant that resembled...

Ronda Lee - Willie Gary - Johnnie Cochran


02nd Feb 2014


Endurance – The Game Changer

I do not blog or tweet on a daily basis. I know it goes against social media strategy, but my hope for Ronda-isms is organic growth of readers. I want...



19th Jan 2014


Sometimes the Dream Isn’t About You

Sometimes you have a dream/vision that transcends you and your own hopes of grandeur.  Joseph had a dream, so did Martin Luther King Jr. Your dream may help you, but...



08th Jan 2014


Stay Encouraged

This time last year, I was not that excited. Instead of being hopeful for what the New Year would bring, I was too focused on what did not happen the...

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