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  • Prague Day 9

    Day Nine (Sept 26)I fly out this evening for an overnight stay in London before heading back to the States.  I slept in sort of dreading the reality the day holds.  The sky is overcast and doesn’t bode well for a boat ride.  Hopefully, the sun will peek out for me.  If not, I plan to have a leisurely lunch… Continue reading "Prague Day 9"

  • Prague Day 8

    Day Eight (Sept 25th)Last night I ate at Klub Architektu – another recommended by Lonely Planet guide (their recommendations are on the mark).  Klub Architektu is known for modern Czech and int’l cuisine.   I haven’t eaten much Czech except when lunch is included with tours.  There are several reasons for this.  Many pubs advertise “best goulash” “pork knees” “pork knuckles”;… Continue reading "Prague Day 8"

  • Prague Day 7

    Day Seven (Sept 24thI have breakfast with Lizzie before her train leaves for Bratslava.  She is still nervous but I tell her it will be fine.  The guy from Milwaukee is leaving for Vienna then on to Budapest.  We meet a couple girls from Alabama.  They all graduated a year ago with an MBA from Alabama and promised to take… Continue reading "Prague Day 7"

  • Prague Day 6

    Day Six (Sept 23)I sleep in (until 8am), but I didn’t go to bed until 1am, again.  I would sleep in the day I’m supposed to go to church.  No problem.   Service is not until 9:30am – plenty of time to shower and have breakfast.  9am I run down for breakfast (tea, croissant and egg).  Turns out Lizzie slept in… Continue reading "Prague Day 6"

  • Prague Day 5

    Day Five (Sept 22)It is 4:45am and I hear noise.  It’s too early for housekeeping.  It’s the Germans on the fourth floor.  The elevator only goes to the third so they’re coming down the stairs.  Click Clack, Click Clack, high heels on tile floor. Bang – their luggage hits the floor.  I can’t go back to sleep once I’m up.  If… Continue reading "Prague Day 5"

  • Prague Day 4

    Day Four Sept 21I wake up a little under the weather.  The person in the room next to me smokes.   I have a headache. No rest for the weary, I have tickets to purchase.  I head downstairs for breakfast.  There is a note.  The former Chicagoan (Lizzie*) invited me to dinner last night with her daughter and fiancé at an… Continue reading "Prague Day 4"

  • Prague Day 3

    My urge for travel has me reminiscing about my last vacation, four years ago in Prague. Prague Day Three (Sept 20th)Up at 5:45am – you’re on vacation stop waking up early.  Too late.  Breakfast isn’t served until 7am.  Croissant, boiled egg and grapefruit tea.   At breakfast, I meet three Americans – two from Chicago, the other a former Chg resident. … Continue reading "Prague Day 3"

  • Prague Day 2

    My wanderlust has kicked in and no vacation on the horizon for me, so I’m reminiscing about my last vacation- four years ago in Prague. Prague: Day Two (Sept 19th) I wake up two hours before we arrive in Dublin.  That smell!  Apparently, the airline food has made that person’s gas problem worse.  We are flying over Dublin.  I have… Continue reading "Prague Day 2"