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Rondaisms - Ronda Lee - Jeta B Photography


10th Feb 2017


Why America Needs Black History Month & I Can’t Give Trump a Chance

For those that say “give Trump a chance,” I do not have the privilege or luxury to ignore him making fun of the disabled, denigrating women, or his racist policies...

Norman Lewis


12th Oct 2016


Norman Lewis’ Police Beating

PROCESSION: The Art of Norman Lewis, is showcasing at the Chicago Cultural Center. The late Norman Lewis was a Harlem resident and part of the Harlem Renaissance culture. Some of...



19th Aug 2016


Trump’s Hate Fueled Rhetoric

I’m in my hometown of Chicago feeling like a tourist after living in New York City. I board a bus downtown to go to my sister’s house. It’s rush hour,...



14th Jul 2016


Christian Apathy: All Lives Matter

In his Treatise on Christian Liberty, Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation, stated “ignorance and suppression of liberty very many blind pastors take pains to encourage.” I grew up...



11th Jul 2016


If Chicago 2016 Olympics Happened, Police Brutality Would be a Global Security Issue

The purpose of the Olympics is to “contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination or any kind, in a spirit of...



24th May 2016


Autism and Us

The adage “don’t air family laundry in public” has caused many African-Americans to deny grief, pain, suffering, and mental illness. We’re a strong resilient people. If we survived slavery, surely...



10th Apr 2016


Why Hillary’s “Super Predator” Comment Matters

It was only a matter of time before President Clinton’s 2008 gaffes during Hillary’s initial presidential bid would re-appear. And re-appear they did when former President Bill Clinton tried to...



28th Feb 2016


Feminism & Black Women

March is Women’s History Month. I have been reticent to call myself a feminist.  I am all for girl power and empowerment. I identify with cultural differential feminists. The problem...



10th Feb 2016


Beyonce Superbowl Tribute

A bit of background: It’s Black History Month and Beyoncé paid homage to the Black Panthers. During the 1960s, the Panthers provided food and other social services to black communities who were denied...



06th Jan 2016


Bill Cosby is Not Dr. Huxtable

People are talking about Stephen Collins and Woody Allen. What those men did was despicable. Yet, they are different from Bill, they ADMITTED their guilt. Not once has Bill admitted...



10th Dec 2015


Fear Factor Politics

When will people stand up? The election circus has made us a laughing stock. How can we be a beacon of democracy and freedom when people trying to become President...



19th Nov 2015


Minneapolis: The Next Selma

Is Black Lives Matter destined to go the way of the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and Million Man March movements – a footnote in history? A recent poll showed...

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