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18th Aug 2015


Roommate Hell Post College

Old habits die hard. Those nasty college roommates that won’t pick up after themselves, eat your food, leave dirty underwear in the bathroom – they do not go away. They...



11th Aug 2015


Preparing for “Just in Case”

Too often we delay discussion of a will. It’s as if the “boogeyman” will come if we talk it. However, having a will, guardianship or trust does the exact opposite....

Gritty City, Taylor T-Sides photo


24th Jul 2014


Branching Out in the Unhappiest City

After unsuccessfully trying to get a few articles posted on established publishing sites, I decided to branch out. I typically re-post my blogs on, which I like because most...



02nd Sep 2013


Found the Apartment that I’ll Die In

I previously mentioned that one of the reasons my NYC transition was hard was the difficulty finding people to become part of my family circle. People with whom you have...



08th May 2013


Housing NYC style

Moving to New York City is not an easy transition. Newcomers bond and commiserate over housing. The one thing that cannot be over stated is how expensive it is to...



11th Jul 2012


Rent So High I Proposed

I left work early (8pm) and thought what fortune to have a train waiting in the station! After waiting in the station three minutes, the conductor informs us there was...