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06th Jan 2016


Bill Cosby is Not Dr. Huxtable

People are talking about Stephen Collins and Woody Allen. What those men did was despicable. Yet, they are different from Bill, they ADMITTED their guilt. Not once has Bill admitted...



07th Dec 2015


Fair Trade Jewelry

My latest article is featured on the front page of Huffington Post Style. I interview the founder of Mujus, a sustainable fair trade jewelry line that is simply gorgeous. The...

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29th Oct 2015


No Student Deserves Violence

The amount of force used against the Spring Valley High School girl is unconscionable and unjustified. We need to stop victim blaming! Whatever happened to homeroom or Saturday detention. Blaming...



21st Oct 2015


Lopsided Truth: Breast Cancer Awareness

I am amazed at how many young women I am encountering battling breast cancer. Previously, I had written about three loved ones battling cancer, but since then it seems like...



19th Aug 2015


Nubian Skin: Color Perfect

I had the pleasure to interview the founder of Nubian Skin, Ade Hassan. Nubian Skin offers lingerie, hosiery, and underwear in shades of nude that “embraces color and empowers women.”...



12th Aug 2015


Free Your Mind!

Our brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised and fed. Just like our bodies can’t live off of junk food, so too our brain needs substantive meals. Feed...



11th Aug 2015


Happy Nappy

I celebrate my one year anniversary as a HuffPost blogger with this post.



11th Aug 2015


Preparing for “Just in Case”

Too often we delay discussion of a will. It’s as if the “boogeyman” will come if we talk it. However, having a will, guardianship or trust does the exact opposite....

Rondaisms - Ronda Lee - Jeta B Photography


06th Aug 2015



I have been silent because my hope and faith in humanity is fading.‪#‎SandraBland‬ has broken me to silence. As a black woman, we endure so much. We’re expected to be...



15th Jun 2015


Daddy’s Girl

I am my father’s daughter. Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it is bittersweet. My mom used to make a big to-do over Father’s Day. My dad was already spoiled,...



12th Jan 2015


Cancer: 3 Stories

2014 brought cancer to my doorstep, touching the lives of three dear to me (godmother, aunt, and friend). These women all at different stages of their lives, impacted my life....



26th Sep 2014



Recently, a New York Times’ writer dubbed actress Viola Davis as not classically beautiful and an angry black woman in her portrayal of a law professor in Shonda Rhimes’ latest...

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