Prague Day 8

Day Eight (Sept 25th)
Last night I ate at Klub Architektu – another recommended by Lonely Planet guide (their recommendations are on the mark).  Klub Architektu is known for modern Czech and int’l cuisine.   I haven’t eaten much Czech except when lunch is included with tours.  There are several reasons for this.  Many pubs advertise “best goulash” “pork knees” “pork knuckles”; however, since they cater to tourists food is hit or miss.  Also, Czech cuisine is heavy like soul food.  That’s okay for Sunday dinner but not every day.  Additionally, I am a plain Jane picky eater.   I like my food like my jewelry – simple yet elegant.  I had homemade Czech cuisine a few years ago.  Jenny’s mother-in-law visited the States.  She made the best chicken soup (clear broth) with vegetables to perfection (not overcooked) and potato dumplings.  She took deer meat that my friend had from a hunting trip, seasoned it and marinated for about a week.  From that she made two dishes: deer with a cream sauce and deer in red wine gravy.  There was no gamey taste and if you didn’t know better you’d swear it was filet mignon.  This from the picky eater.  It’s hard to beat home-cooking.

However, at Klub Architektu I order traditional Czech potato soup.  Not like homemade, but good nonetheless.  I order my standby, penne pasta with spinach in a cream sauce.  Delicious.  The Czechs have mastered Italian cuisine.  For my last day, I’ll have lunch at Ambiente.  The Italian place I love! 

Today, I climbed the tower that houses the Astronomical Clock.  Walking to the hotel from the clock, I run into the four older ladies from Texas.  They are sweethearts,  seeing and doing everything.  This afternoon, I’m taking a Prague Venice boat tour. I’m scheduled to have dinner with Lizzie’s daughter.  Lizzie is still in Bratslava and this is the first morning I’ve had no breakfast companion.  It didn’t bother me because I slept in.

Rain and tons of it.  No boat tour for me.  I run back to the hotel and begin to pack.  Thank goodness I brought two suitcases in addition to my carry-on.  I need all of them.  Afterwards, I watch the British version of House Hunters.  I wake up two hours later to the phone ringing.  It’s Lizzie’s daughter.  Dinner is at 7:30pm.  Her fiancé is reviewing a new sushi restaurant.  I doze on and off while “Weakest Link,” the German version of “People’s Court”, and “CSI: Miami” in Czech are on TV.  I finally get up at 7pm.  The rain has brought cold weather. 

I meet Amy and Bob in the square.  We take the subway to the sushi bar.  The food is good for Prague but not good enough for her fiancé Bob.  We talk about the “underbelly” of Prague living.  Most tourists stay for 3 days and leave before seeing the reality.  I’ve been here a week.  Amy is curious of my take.  She describes cultural differences in work ethic and attitude.   Overall, she is still happy in Prague.  She asks when they can expect to see me again.  I hope to be in Madrid next year.  If so, she will meet me there.  It has been a great vacation.  I’m hoping for warm weather so I can get my boat ride in before flying out in the evening. 

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