Mr. President – We’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

I believed in HOPE/Change and I’m left with disappointment. So much promise and such a letdown. I didn’t expect miracles, but I expected more than the status quo. I am curious about your platform for 2012, because hope & change will anger those that voted you in. I need something more tangible – a job, stability. Right now, you have my vote because the alternative is not an option. However, I don’t think I’ll be volunteering for your campaign this time around.  Here’s why…

The energy and passion of Hope/Change 2008 was likened to the feelings of a new relationship – anything possible and our love would conquer all. Initially, I was hesitant because you only had one term in the U.S. Senate and figured Hillary was a shoe in.  However, I knew of your history with the Illinois legislature so instead of writing you off, I decided to watch and see how the 2008 primaries unfolded. Impressive – you took the high road above the fray of mudslinging.

Election Night 2008 Grant Park – After months of courting each other through debates and town halls, we consummate our union on this night to orgasmic levels. It was an adrenaline rush of a lifetime – a nationwide love fest climatic and mind shattering – almost spiritual experience (forgive my blasphemy). All around the world our love and unity was portrayed. People of every race and ethnicity, hand in hand, arm in arm, brothers and sisters – believing on that night anything was possible.

Cabinet Appointments. But wait – a couple of your cabinet appointments disappoint.  Flaws young love neglected to see in the beginning.  Dearest, I still love you but between us there must be no secrets or lies. I am a Chicagoan born and raised. Arne Duncan for Education!  No dear. He was head of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for years and although he had good intentions, it paved a road to destruction. Now as Education head he’s penalizing CPS! Then the foundation he laid was a house of cards.  Okay my love, now Geithner. I am not pleased with these friends/bedfellows. If there is one thing the public cannot abide, it is a lawyer or politician claiming ignorance of the law. Geithner’s tax ignorance is not believable, even if genuine. Okay, I will give this HOPE/Change a chance because it is solidified by a supermajority.

Two Years in – I know change is incremental, little by little, precept upon precept. I didn’t expect Michael Jordan greatness, but what I hoped for was the early stages of laying the groundwork, digging in and rebuilding a new foundation that paves the road for greatness. First, I know you are tight with Alexi Giannoulias (cutie). However, his image was tainted. I dogged George “W” for running every business his daddy gave him in the ground. Now, Alexi is coming off like the Democratic “W.” I would be a hypocrite to vote for him and I did not. I am not a party loyalist and I did not think he deserved the position, neither did Kirk. I voted for neither. You should have told your boy to step down. If he had, Dan Hoffman would be the Illinois Senator and not Mark Kirk.

Health Care – I am down for health care, BUT the economy and the two wars were more pressing. Additionally, instead of leading your fellow democrats in the direction you wanted to go, you played the professor. Love, you know your fellow party mates are not known for unity when it really counts. You have a supermajority! Most were elected in on your coattail. Use that leverage. There is a time for negotiating and when that fails, you move ahead. You can’t please all the people all the time. You offered an olive branch to your colleagues across the aisle and they rejected it. When someone is not dealing in good faith, you remove the offer and proceed without them. It was their choice to be the party of no. Instead, you pampered them like a parent giving in to a tantrum producing child. A supermajority and the health care bill was a fiasco and not to mention the BP drilling incident. HOPE/Change isn’t the aphrodisiac it used to be. I need something more. This relationship can’t be sustained only on HOPE/Change because status quo has remained.

Mr. President – How are you going to bring back that loving feeling that drew us together in 2008? Right now, I’m uninterested.  Fortunately for you, other suitors (candidates) aren’t appealing in the least.  However, shall our relationship be based on the lesser of two evils? I thought we had something more sustainable. Quoting a friend: “But our President who was elected to give bold and transformative leadership, had decided he just want to govern. What a shame, and in some sense a betrayal of what he promised us when we voted for him.”


Ronda Lee
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Ronda is an attorney, writer, and entrepreneur. She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. Originally from Chicago, she has lived in Los Angeles and New York. She loves to travel and is passionate about education equity, especially for first generation college students.