Transitions 2

I read my devotions and it dealt with change.  Regardless of your religion or non-religion you need something to keep you grounded.  Daily devotions remind me not to be so cynical and remember that everyone is part of the larger family of humanity.  It helps when I am having a bad day or thinking things are going down the drain.  There were two statements that I read that fit with the theme of transitions.

1. “Welcome new experiences. If you’re moving forward in life your surroundings will be constantly changing.  If they’re not, you’re going in circles. Clinging to the familiar just buys you comfort today at tomorrow’s expense.”

2. “Let go of what no longer works. There are trade-offs.  For everything you gain, you usually have to give something up.  The trouble is, we hate giving up what we do well.  So we focus on ‘doing things right,’ end up not doing the right things, and wonder why we don’t succeed.  When your season changes, be open to a new strategy. Letting go of what doesn’t work anymore frees you up to focus on what does.”

Last weekend, friends gathered to wish me well and send me off on my new adventure/transition.  Their generosity and sincerity in hopes of my success was more than touching.  What God chose not to bless me with in finances, he more than made up for it in an abundance of people that love and support me.  Most of the motley crew that encompass my circle of friends come from different walks of life.  However, each one has a trait that I admire and has enriched my life for the better.  They support, cheerlead, comfort and reprove me.  I came from a family that always let me know in word and deed that I was loved.  I have been blessed to find the same love and support when I left home for college.  For each stage/phase of my life, I was blessed with a mentor and friend to guide me through that life journey.

I have no idea what the next phase of my life holds.  However, if I am fortunate enough to meet people like the ones I have met in the past, I will be just fine.

Ronda Lee
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Ronda is an attorney, writer, and entrepreneur. She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. Originally from Chicago, she has lived in Los Angeles and New York. She loves to travel and is passionate about education equity, especially for first generation college students.