Shoes and the City

“Rejoice with those who rejoice.”
I have been very fortunate in that wherever I have lived, I have met a few people that become part of the fabric of my life. They are wonderful people who add joy, substance, and round out my character. They have mourned with me in hard times, encouraged me in rough times, and cheered me in times of growth. I am richly blessed by these “bosom” friends. Neither time, nor distance has broken these bonds.
In my previous post, I mentioned that my first friend in NYC was the talented photographer, Jeta B. Jeta is one of those rare individuals that maximizes talents from the left and right side of her brain. She has superb strategic skills with equally stellar creative gifts. To top it all off, she has a bubbly infectious air. One can’t help but smile around her. I found this astonishing when I discovered that she lived through the war in Kosovo. However, Jeta refuses to let that define or limit her. She is ever hopeful and resilient. We met volunteering for a nonprofit. Jeta “got” my dream and likewise I was confident she would takeover NYC with her photography.
Whenever I was down or discouraged, Jeta’s energy would revitalize me. After we both encountered a rough patch of doors closing near the end of 2012, Jeta said “Ronda 2013 is our year!” Jeta invested in my dream taking photos for my website, blog, and Twitter account helping me brand Ronda-isms. She has been a true friend. Her husband (British) has been trying to make me an Anglophile. I did learn how to make a proper cup of tea which Jeta said qualified me to be a perfect British spouse. I replied, “only if that comes with land and title.” J
This morning I received a text from Jeta to see if I could come to a small exhibit featuring her photos later that evening. What sorry excuse of a friend would I be if I didn’t show up for Jeta for an hour?! Sure I’d be there. It was her “Shoes & the City” exhibit – the same one that help solidify our friendship. I arrived at 650 Fifth Ave to a velvet rope, red carpet, champagne, wine, cheese, and my friend’s photography on display. I was under-dressed. I didn’t want to embarrass Jeta. Jeta arrived looking the part of a fabulous photographer – effortlessly chic and so New York. In addition to her photos, women and men alike asked about her shoes and handbag. I too had handbag envy. She had a vintage green snakeskin clutch that would go perfect with a dress I have. Anyway, all the buzz was about the “red shoes” lady. I beamed and gushed with so much pride. Her prints would be displayed in the lobby and on the HD projection at 650 Fifth Avenue.
For more of Jeta’s wonderful artistic expression, check out her website especially her portfolio of “Shoes & the City.”
Go Jeta! 

And a mention in the Wall Street Journal…
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