André Leon Talley St Louis Art Museum Talk

Fashion icon and living legend, André Leon Talley, gave me the honor of an interview. His fashion knowledge is established. However, what impressed me most is that he is an intellectual exuding southern hospitality. Mr. Talley is an elocution tactician. The rhythm of his words fascinated me – “beautiful elongated attenuated fingers” – his description of Oscar de la Renta adjusting a bow on the runway. Mr. Talley fastidiously and judiciously chooses words to articulate his meaning. He is a raconteur who weaves through the past and present enthralling the listener. My latest article on the Huffington Post has the interview.

Thank Paola Delgado, owner of Mujus, for loaning me the stunning Locura “goddess” necklace to wear.

Andre Leon Talley, Ronda Lee at Saint Louis Fashion Fund Incubator. Ronda modeling Mujus Locura Necklace

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