New Year’s Eve Cocktails: HH Bespoke Spirits

Most of New York is familiar with the “First Family of Fashion,” aka 5001 FLAVORS and its retail boutique Harlem Haberdashery. 5001 FLAVORS has been a fixture in Harlem and the hip hop scene from its early beginnings. Unlike others that get fame from the Harlem name, 5001 FLAVORS and Harlem Haberdashery have always been dedicated to the community that made them through its philanthropic endeavors via #TakeCareofHarlem. Guy Wood, his wife Sharene, and her brother Bernard “Kells” Barnett, have been the creative forces behind a brand whose clients include: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Biggie, Puffy aka Diddy, DJ Khaled, Colin Kaepernick, and more for the perfect bespoke red carpet, magazine cover look.

Louis Johnson Jr., Guy Wood, Sharene Wood, Kells Barnett, and Guy Wood Jr. of Harlem Haberdashery the retail expression of 5001 Flavors

The family has taken their creative genius and branched out into the spirits industry with its HH Bespoke Spirits brand. The brand has released its unique rum, gin, and vodka distributed by Liberation Distribution, Inc. During a recent visit to New York City, Sharene (Shay) gave me a tasting. I am a vodka fan and generally avoid gin. However, HH Bespoke’s Gin will change your tune. The gin has natural botanicals of lavender, rose hip, and cranberry. It is aromatic. The rum has undertones of butterscotch. After tasting the rum, I immediately begin to think of uses for cocktails and cooking (adding to caramel sauce to spice up a dessert).

HH Bespoke Spirits by Harlem Haberdashery


Currently, HH Bespoke Spirits are available in New York City area at the following locations. HH Bespoke will be available in 22 states through its distributor. Below are some recipes you may want to add to your New Year’s Eve festivities. For more cocktail suggestions and information on HH Bespoke Spirits check out their website and follow out their Instagram.

HH Bespoke Spirits, Greyhound cocktail


HH Bespoke Spirits, Fashionable Rum cocktail


HH Bespoke Spirits, Harlem Walk cocktail




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