Prague Day 2

My wanderlust has kicked in and no vacation on the horizon for me, so I’m reminiscing about my last vacation- four years ago in Prague.
Prague: Day Two (Sept 19th)
I wake up two hours before we arrive in Dublin.  That smell!  Apparently, the airline food has made that person’s gas problem worse.  We are flying over Dublin.  I have never seen so many variations of green and so pretty (this from the person who hates the color green).  Hopefully, I can get in a tour during my 4 hr layover.  As we land, it begins to pour rain.  So much for the double decker tour and a stop at the Guiness brewery.  15 minutes through customs, 20 minutes at baggage check, 15 minutes to check-in for my connecting flight – no time to do a tour even if it didn’t rain. 
Shopping in the airport looks promising – just pretend the dollar isn’t weak.  No can do.  2 euros to check email for ten minutes.  $5 dollars should get me a few euros – not!  $5 became 2 euros after fee.  Get me out of the EU so my dollar can go far.  Finally, time to board for Prague.  Although I requested window, why do I have an aisle?  Calm down you’re almost at your destination.  Flight isn’t full so switch.  I have twice as much leg room on Czech Air than on the American flight to Dublin.  Even the food is better.  American is supposed to be better but Czech Air has better service. 
We land in Prague and it’s overcast and 53 degrees.  I only brought two turtlenecks and a leather jacket.  No sun.  Forget the sun, where’s my checked luggage.  “Sorry Miss, still in Dublin.”  Thank goodness I packed most of my stuff in the carry-on.   Off to the hotel and try not to get in knots over the luggage, you’re on vacation, relax.   No, I can’t.  I want my luggage.  Betlem Club hotel is cozy – very gothic and medieval. 

I need to get toiletries so off to Tesco (their version of Target).  You must be kidding me!  There’s a Little Caesar’s Pizza inside of Tesco.  Of all the things to import, why Little Caesars?!  Dove and Nivea I recognize and they’ll have to do until my luggage arrives.   On the way back to the hotel I do a horrible thing.  I stop at KFC for a snack.  I was depressed, no luggage and I needed comfort food.  Turns out the fries and chicken taste better here.  They must use lard or shortening.  Too tired, so I fall asleep at 9pm.

Ronda Lee
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