A Time to Heal & Forgive – Part 3

Now readers we come full circle.  Thanksgiving 2012, I am trimming my tiny tree, sealing Christmas cards, and writing my first blog post for the 2012 holiday season – my favorite time of the year. I look at my Snoopy holiday stationary (so I can pen pal my babies – prefer handwritten notes).  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on the television.  It is then that I recall my niece’s sage advice this time last year  – “auntie isn’t it time to heal and forgive.”  Tis the season and Snoopy wouldn’t want to be the source of division between two siblings during Christmas.

I resolved that I would heal and forgive my eldest sister for the intentional infliction of emotional distress and malicious cruelty toward my beloved Snoopy Sno Cone Maker.  How could I write about joy, goodness, and kindness if I didn’t extend it to her? I can’t be a hypocrite – not to you my readers.  I would be the better person.  I would forgive and extend the olive branch to my sister.  I took out my Snoopy holiday stationary and wrote a heart felt note to my older sister.  I told her that the reason for the season and Snoopy would not approve of this dissension among the family.  Therefore, I was willing to forgive her past transgression.

Twenty years, I waited for Snoopy.  When I finally received him, our union was joyous and brief. For the past ten years, my Christmas soul lay wounded.  Now, as testament to the old saying that “time heals,” I stand before you with a clear conscious. I have done my best to mend this breach.

Readers, I know what you are thinking. “Such affability and condescension” on my behalf is such that only Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mr. Collins could fully appreciate 🙂

Happy Holidays!!!!


Ronda Lee
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Ronda is an attorney, writer, and entrepreneur. She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. Originally from Chicago, she has lived in Los Angeles and New York. She loves to travel and is passionate about education equity, especially for first generation college students.