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Acquavella Galleries - Basquiat - Schorr Family


03rd Jun 2014


Hip-Hop & Art: Pollack – Basquiat – Banksy

Art adds value to our world as an expression of life. I do not always understand it, but I appreciate its various forms. Sometimes art imitates life. Other times art...

Mekka Don - Rondaisms


03rd Mar 2014


Powered for Endurance Part 3 featuring Mekka Don

The last article in the Powered for Endurance series is published with Mr. Refined magazine. Part 3 features the journey of Mekka Don from attorney to rapper-entrepreneur. Mekka’s creativity, commitment...



08th Jul 2013


Dream Chasing – Mekka Don

I read somewhere that there are three stages to the dream: birth, death, and resurrection. The birth of a dream is when it is first conceived. It is like the...